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Glade Partners With Sidebrief

What does partnership mean to you? To us, it means when two legal entities come together and make a purpose. So, for us at Glade, we value SMEs and that is why we decided to partner with a reliable startup like SideBrief because they are focused and driven to assist businesses to register in any industry. 

However, Glade builds financial services that help businesses perform local and international transactions to reach the Global markets and make sure running a business is easy, convenient, and seamless for African entrepreneurs. 

Sidebrief is a RegTech startup that makes business registration and compliance easy for founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners across Africa by removing complexity and hidden fees. 

With this partnership, we both decided to collaborate to help add more credibility to early businesses and make life easier while at it. Part of our mission is to ensure that growing businesses get the right tools to run their businesses efficiently. 

Therefore, as Sidebrief assists you with business registration, it becomes easier to open a business account on Glade within five minutes without lengthy paperwork or regulatory firms coming for you.

We look forward to seeing how this collaboration will help your business take a step further.

If you have further inquiries, do not hesitate to leave your comments below or send a message to