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Payroll System that Works for Entrepreneurs

Payroll system for business owners

Having an effective payroll system is an essential part of running a business. Although, it may seem daunting at times, with a system like Glade, paying your employees is smooth when you leverage our API, (Application Programming Interface), to switch to an automated system if your business is still using the manual employee onboarding and still keeping paper files to pay salary.

Benefits of using a payroll system as an entrepreneur

A payroll system will ensure your employees are paid correctly, on time, and every time. This is important because it helps businesses avoid the risks of late payments and poor financial management.

A good payroll system like Glade’s can also help you manage employee benefits such as healthcare insurance, sick leave, vacation payouts, and more.

However, with the Glade payroll, you can easily schedule and pay your staff salaries all at once. It’s a great way to keep track of all employees and their salaries, as well as how much they get paid each month or week.

Why you should use the Glade Payroll:

  • You have more than 1 employee (or want to hire new ones)
  • You have one employee who would like to receive their salary on a certain date every month/week/fortnightly basis.
  • You are a busy entrepreneur
  • You want to keep being vouched for as a considerate and accurate employer
  • You can schedule and pay staff salaries automatically.

 Also, the Glade payroll helps streamline the process of being an entrepreneur with more than one staff, reducing the time it takes to run your payroll from hours to minutes. This means that you can spend more of your valuable time working on other tasks, such as growing your business or developing new products and services.

Now, it is possible that you have the Glade app and you haven’t explored other features designed for growing businesses. Hence, you might not have used the payroll feature. Here is a quick tutorial on how to schedule and automate salaries on Glade.

  1. Login to your business  Glade account

If you don’t have a business account Kindly Click Here to get one now


  1. On the Glade dashboard,  click on “Payroll” –it’s just by the left of the dashboard


  1. Click on ‘View Staff’ – since you have no staff data yet, Click on ‘add staff’ and choose either ‘single Entry’ or ‘Bulk Upload’.

  1. For a single entry, fill in the ‘Add Staff’  After adding the staff successfully, either by bulk upload or single entry, you will be taken back to the dashboard.

  1. Select the staff you want to pay and click on ‘Pay staff’ 


And if you haven’t downloaded the Glade app, it’s available on the web and mobile (iOS and Android), and the same procedure applies.


Glade payroll system is easy to use and gives comfort to your employees because they can get their salaries at the scheduled time. We also provide you with a payroll report, concerning your allocated budget. However, for the Glade payroll system, we constantly upgrade it to serve the standard of your business or industry. 

If you want to learn more or have questions Click Here to talk to our customer service.