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June in a Nutshell at Glade

Do you want to know how we ended the month of June? Don’t worry; take a break and read this post from us. June was excellent at Glade. 

We made a remarkable impact in helping businesses grow, and we also developed new features. Thanks to our amazing team who has been working effortlessly to give you the best global banking experience you deserve.

June was on a whole new level of speed, which did not just come and go. Here are the things we were able to put our hands on;

  • POS terminals

We brought back the Glade 2-in-1 Android POS terminals, to make it easy for growing businesses to accept in-store payments and give a better buying experience to their customers. Read the full article here


  • Dark Mode Feature went Live

You can now switch to dark mode on the Glade app. It helps you cut down the brightness of your phone screen, especially at night, and gives you a comfortable viewing experience when making transactions on the Glade App.

The dark mode feature saves energy consumption on your devices with OLED or AMOLED displays that emit light. Check how to switch to dark mode on your Glade app here 


  • Employees spotlight

We got to know Abimbola, the Business Development Manager, beyond work – Where she gave information on how she has been fixing her eyes on the price since she was 10 years old. Read more about Abimbola here.


  • Techstars Toronto [Collision Conference]

We were super excited to have attended this year’s Collision Conference in Toronto -“The Olympics of tech”. Every part of the conference was excellent, especially our Techstars Demo day presentation, where our CEO, Liyi Victor shared our story, journey, and vision with investors and partners. Watch it here 

There you have it for June. We will come through with another recap filled with exciting updates next month. 

Till then, you can always check our Instagram: gladebusinessbanking or Twitter: gladebanking. And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach us at

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